Locked Down 2020 – Dr. Sng

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Dr Sng who is from the 1976 MBBS class has written "Locked Down 2020 - One Hundred Things To Do", he was our alumni association president 2003-2005.

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OCCUPY your time wisely during the movement control order (MCO) with worthwhile activities.

That was the aim of Dr Timothy Sng when writing and publishing an e-book, Locked Down 2020.

He took less than 48 hours to write the 70-page e-book which lists down a 100 things to do during the lockdown.

Dr Sng started writing at 10am on March 29 and the first draft was finished by 2am on March 31. It was published on Amazon at 6.49am the same day.

“As a medical doctor, I am usually very busy but the lockdown gave me time to think and write.

“I felt for the poor, refugees, displaced and foreign workers. It breaks my heart to see so much suffering.

“This inspired me to write the book to remind everyone to help the poor, focus on self-development, read and most importantly, be law-abiding and stay home, ” said Dr Sng.

The father of three added that he was inspired to write the book on a Sunday morning and his thoughts just flowed.

“This book is not about what we doctors are doing at the hospital but how to spend precious time during this MCO.

“Just like how I managed to write this book, it shows that everyone can write a book too during a time like this, ” said Dr Sng, who works at a private medical centre.

His book covers topics like relationships, charity, self-development, keeping abreast of current issues and health, to name a few.

Among the activities he listed down included playing board games, keeping in touch virtually, developing a new hobby, learning a new language, starting a home gym routine, mind exercises, cooking and family bonding.

He acknowledged that some of the suggestions given might not work for everyone.

“Just try it. Who knows, an entrepreneur may be birthed out of this crisis, or at least you have experienced something that you would never have done, ” he stated in the book.

Items numbered 76 to 100 are written from the perspective of a Christian.

“I also want to encourage people to read Through the e-book, ” he said.

Locked Down 2020 can be purchased from Amazon for USD0.99 or downloaded for free at http://smashwords.com/books/view/1012630